A Definitive Guide to Using Travel Card for Your Next Trip

If you wish to use travel cards, you can redeem their benefits for hotel stays, flights, and so more. While you might have heard of travel global cards, you might not be still clear about how to use travel cards for your next trip. These cards help by paying you miles or points for ensuring travel purchases and even day-to-day purchases. Once you have accumulated enough miles or points, you can redeem the same for hotel accommodations and flight bookings.

If you are a travel enthusiast, one of the travel or global cards can be a smart financial tool. Let us help you understand their working in detail.

Use Travel card

What are Travel Cards?

Travel-specific credit cards or global cards work in the same manner as that of the reward-specific credit cards. 

Currencies will vary from one card to another -usually referred to as miles or points. For instance, most airline cards offer miles in the loyalty program of the airline. General travel cards and hotel cards will usually pay you dedicated points. Both types of currencies can be redeemed for traveling and other rewards. 

Usually, a travel global card will pay you additionally in the form of currency when you make use of the card to buy travel. Still, rates will vary. While one card might offer you 2 miles or points for every $1 spent on airline purchases, the other might go ahead with offering 3 miles or points for every $1 spent on the same. Most travel cards also offer miles or points on day-to-day non-travel purchases -typically at a lower rate. 

Types of Travel Cards 

Some of the common types of travel cards offering rewards or points are:

  • Airline Cards: These pay miles in the loyalty program of a specific airline that can be redeemed for upgrades or flights. The card might also be available with additional benefits like a free checked bag or priority boarding. The higher the annual fee, the more built-in travel perks you can receive from the card. 

  • Hotel Cards: Hotel cards primarily concentrate on a specific loyalty program of a hotel group. You will end up earning more points while making purchases at participating hotel chains. You can go ahead with redeeming points for ensuring room upgrades or free hotel stays. Your hotel card might also be available with additional benefits like a free night every year or automatic upgrade to elite status. 

  • General Travel Cards: There are several types of general travel or global cards offering improved flexibility in the way you tend to spend the rewards. With these cards, you can look forward to earning points for day-to-day spending along with bonus points for spending in particular categories. 


High-end travel cards or global cards like Niyo Global Cards can be used to maximize the fun of your upcoming trip. These cards offer Zero Forex Markup to enhance your overall convenience and luxury.

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