5 Features to Look for in an International Travel Card

How much money should I take along while travelling abroad? Then how might one go about transferring it? Both of these issues are major causes of stress for anyone organising an overseas trip. Yes, you may do things the way they were done back in time and use hard cash. But that makes you easy prey to theft or losing money. If you don't know how many wads of cash to bring, you may always just bring your credit card. But credit cards cost you a fortune in currency exchange rates. However, a global card offers several advantages over any of these other choices.

You may avoid the drawbacks of carrying cash or credit cards by having reliable international travel card in hand. But you should know what you want before applying for a card, so you don't sign a terrible deal.

To assist you, we have compiled a list of five characteristics to consider while selecting a forex card.


Online Reload Facility

Your card should feature an online reload option so that you may transfer cash from your bank account promptly. If you are travelling internationally and find yourself unexpectedly short on cash but without the time to stop by a bank or wait for a wire transfer, this option might save your life.

With forex cards, you may reload your current card online, from anywhere in the globe, at any time of the day.

Low Rates of Exchange

The exchange rate you get when applying for a global card online and loading it with the currency of your choice is locked in at the time of loading. So, you can stop stressing about the potential cost increases caused by fluctuations in currency difference.

If you're going to purchase a card online, you should compare the exchange rates offered by different banks and companies to get the best deal. 

Dealing with Multiple Currencies

A multi-currency card, as the name implies, is capable of storing several currencies. Therefore, you may find this function useful if your travel plans include stops in different countries. A multi-currency card may store up to 14 different currencies.

Find a currency card that works in the countries you want to travel to. This way, you won't need to bother about exchanging money or getting cash out every time you pass a border.

Chip-enabled electronic voting machines Cards 

Card skimming is a method through which hackers duplicate magnetic strip cards in order to utilise them fraudulently. In addition, card data may be stored in certain compromised ATMs and Point-of-Sale terminals.

Thankfully, safer EVM chip-enabled forex cards are available now than they were in the past. Be sure that this option is available on your card.

Currency exchange cards are issued in accordance with the current EMV standards and are safe against counterfeiting and card skimming. Every time you make a purchase, you'll get an SMS alert, and if you ever notice suspicious activity on your account, you may immediately suspend your card.

Benefits and Providers

With their card, you may get access to certain airport amenities, receive rebates on processing costs, get free airport transfers, and more. Consider whether or not these perks will be useful during your vacation and help you save money while you shop for a credit card. You may narrow your options to choose a Niyo Global card by bearing the aforementioned considerations. Order this international debit card online via the niyo global app and benefit from instant processing and no paperwork.

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