The Middle East is a beautiful and wondrous land that attracts all kinds of avid tourists each year. Brimming with offbeat and mainstream attractions, the Middle East stands out as a unique place for anyone looking to quench their 'wanderlust.' If you have been of the opinion that traveling to Dubai is the only Middle Eastern tourist hotspot, then our list might compel you to reconsider.

Traveling in Dubai


  1. Jordan – Deemed the safest country for travel in the Middle East, Jordan is an archaeological marvel par excellence with remnants of ancient mosques, tombs, and palaces. And, how can we forget the world's most photographed location – Petra - perched adjacent to the Jabal Al Madbah Mountains in Southern Jordan? The former capital city of Jordan – the Nabatean Kingdom – comprises relics made of pink sandstone, providing the place with the perfect alibi of 'Rose City.' Some of the key attractions of this Middle Eastern gem include the Al-Deir Monastery, the Dead Sea, the Mujib Biosphere Reserve, Colonnaded Street, Al Khazneh Temple, and much more.

  1. Tel Aviv – If you have loved traveling to Dubai, then Isreal's capital – Tel Aviv – will win over your heart, unlike any other place. The city has everything from nature's bountiful beauty to swanky buildings and soul-stirring adventure activities. Some of the key destinations of Tel Aviv include Hilton Beach, Rothschild Boulevard, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Carmel Market, Yarkon Park, and much more. So be ready for the vacation of a lifetime by strolling through Tel Aviv's beaches and indulging in its exhilarating nightlife.

  1. Egypt – Home to the world's most ancient civilization, Egypt is another tourist destination of the Middle East that deserves a lot of hype. Its capital city – Cairo – is rightly honored as 'the City of Thousand Minarets' because its grandiose architectural and historic beauty, coupled with modern high life, is enough to mesmerize anyone. Some other key destinations of Egypt include the Pyramids of Giza, Nile Valley cruising, the Egyptian museum, Khal-el-Khalili, Luxor, and Aswan.

  1. Dubai – The fourth destination is somewhat unsurprising, but any list of top Middle Eastern tourist destinations is incomplete without mentioning Dubai. Stunning human-made landscapes and skyscrapers, rustic, romantic deserts, and opulent shopping hubs make Dubai one of the most sought-after travel hotspots of current times. The place is, in fact, regarded as the 'Disneyland for adults.' Some of the key attractions of Dubai include Jumeirah Beach, Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Aquarium, Dubai Marina, and much more. If you have been contemplating traveling to Dubai, plan your trip between October to February for excellent weather and all the 'vacay vibes.'

  1. Cyprus – The last destination on our list is the European-Asian Middle Eastern island nation of Cyprus, which welcomes two million tourists each year. Cyprus is your quintessential Mediterranean paradise with breathtaking coastlines, cinematic beaches, magnificent mountain peaks, and much more. You can hike along the trails to the Troodos Mountains or indulge in the magnificent view of Mount Olympus. Likewise, North Cyprus allows you to sunbathe on some of the most gloriously golden beaches you will find anywhere else in the world.

So, there we have it, a list of five tourist destinations in the Middle East that every travel junky must have on their checklist. If you are keen on traveling to Dubai or any other tourist destination, an international travel card will be your life savior.


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