Key Benefits of a Prepaid Card for International Travel

Before embarking on overseas travel, vacationers, business travelers, and others may contact their financial institution to get an international debit card. In contrast to using a domestic debit card, which incurs steep fees for withdrawals and transactions, using a debit card abroad may save the consumer a lot of money. With an overseas debit card, travelers may avoid or greatly reduce these expenses by paying just a small percentage of the converted amount in foreign transaction fees when they use global card. 

Customers may also request a prepaid card from their financial institution as an alternative to the standard overseas debit card. That way, the customer's spending is limited to the predetermined amount and their money is safer than if they were carrying about large amounts of cash. 

The client may avoid the hassle of carrying large amounts of cash and the risk of having it stolen or lost by using a prepaid card, and they can also lessen their vulnerability to card skimming, a common scam in foreign locations where tourists are typically the unwitting targets. 

Those of you who are planning an overseas trip and are debating between bringing cash and use global card, we've outlined a few benefits of the latter to assist you make up your mind.

global cards

The benefits of using a pre-paid international card while traveling abroad

Using a prepaid foreign card has several benefits, some of which are listed below.

  • Prepaid international cardholders have the option of loading up to sixteen different currencies onto a single card.

  • The prepaid international card provides customers with access to several savings at dining establishments all around the world.

  • Customers get rewards points for all of their purchases made with the prepaid international card.

  • The fact that the card may only be used for transactions made outside of India makes it easier for the traveler to save money in advance.

  • The consumer may check the remaining amount at any ATM worldwide, and in most circumstances, the bank will also send a notification message after each purchase or withdrawal, detailing the remaining balance.

  • The client's online banking account will be connected to the prepaid international card, thus the consumer will always be able to access his or her bank statements.

  • If the consumer loses or has their card stolen, they may choose between two replacement cards.

Prepaid foreign cards: some things to consider

Customers should bear the following in mind while using the prepaid foreign card for purchases or withdrawals outside of the country:

  • Customers may save a lot of money on currency conversion fees when they use a prepaid foreign card.

  • When customers load their cards with foreign currency, they may convert it at their convenience, rather than having to wait for the card issuer to do it at market rates.

  • The US dollar, GBP, EUR, and AUD are the most commonly accepted currencies.

  • If the funds on a prepaid card are depleted while the cardholder is travelling overseas, the card may be reloaded using the cardholder's online banking or mobile banking service. After topping up the card, the consumer may make withdrawals, purchases, and even those made on foreign e-commerce sites.


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