Is Your Global Card Giving You These 3 Benefits?

 Getting admitted to study at a university abroad is a huge step toward realising your goals of receiving a world-class education. The first step towards becoming a global citizen is taken.

Managing your money when travelling is a must. Currency conversions, which currency to carry and how-cash/student forex card, how much to carry, how much it will cost to transfer money to your account, whether your bank account will work abroad, what will be the charges for the convenience, and so on are all issues that arise when using a global card to make purchases in a foreign currency.

Currency card for international students

When using a Niyo Global card, managing your banking requirements becomes as simple as using the Niyo Global app. You may receive interest on your savings in INR, making this the greatest travel card for Indian students available. It's a global debit card that may also earn you up to 5% annual interest on your funds. And the interest amount is credited to your account on a monthly basis. And because everything is handled digitally, you may establish an account from the convenience of your own smartphone using the Niyo global card.

  • Use in over 150 countries with no foreign exchange markup 

When you make a purchase with global card for Indian students, you won't be charged a markup or fee for using foreign currency. You will only be charged the VISA foreign exchange rate. While most major banks may add a spread of 3% to 5% to the total amount of your foreign exchange transaction.

  • Interest on a savings account at 5% per year*, paid monthly

The global card offers a competitive interest rate of up to 5% per year on savings accounts. That way, your savings may continue to accrue interest even while you devote yourself to studying for examinations and homework. You also don't have to wait until the quarter's conclusion to take advantage of these benefits. There will be a monthly interest deposit into your account.

And moreover, It's digital savings account with a zero balance, a specific account number and IFSC code, and no fees for adding money using NEFT/IMPS/RTGS. Anytime, wherever, you or your loved ones back home may deposit funds into your account instantaneously.

  • Complimentary use of an airport lounge (domestic & international)

Have an extended layover, or an unusually late or early departure time for your overseas flight? Start your trip off in luxury with access to Global cardholder-exclusive lounges at local and international airports with card for Indian students. Explore the VISA Airport Lounge Access Program in greater depth. Using the Global card app, you can easily manage your card and account thanks to its seamless integration.

Manage your foreign debit card and savings account in one convenient place with the Global card app. 

The app may serve as a personal finance manager. Every time you make a purchase, the app automatically updates with the new total in the local currency.

If you are an international student looking to take care of all of your banking requirements while on the road, the Niyo Global card is your best option.

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