The post-pandemic upturn in global tourism has brought with it new travel trends. A long-awaited pent-up demand in travel aspirations has ushered in novel tourism patterns, such as the rise of solo traveling and bleisure trips, increased popularity of eco-tourism, cashless tourism, and more. When it comes to solo traveling, Google trend data illustrates that solo travel has risen by a massive 761.15 percent since 2020. 

Likewise, new research from MMGY shows that one out of four people contemplates traveling solo in the next six months. So, if you have been bemusing a solo vacation, do not forget to carry a global card while travelling delivering access to zero forex markup.


  1. Stockholm, Sweden – One of the safest and most sought-after tourist destinations in Europe, Stockholm is also a great place to start your solo tripping shenanigans. It is an effortless city to get around, whether exploring on foot or trying your luck at the metro. You can start your solo trip in the heart of Stockholm, Gamla Stan, and make the most of the archipelago experience by spending some relaxed time near the waters and then on day trips across the sprawling fields. 

Lastly, do not forget to try out all the local bakeries around the city for scrumptious desserts that you will remember for a lifetime. To make the most of your trip to this beautiful place, you should opt for a global card while travelling offering the ease of zero forex markup.

  1. Singapore – The second spot on our list of best destinations for solo travel is Singapore. Imbued with a fascinating history and embodying the pinnacle of glittering modernity, Singapore is safe to navigate, making it an excellent choice for male and female solo globetrotters. You can stroll through its distinct neighborhoods, such as Orchard Street, Little India, Chinatown, and more, to immerse into an enthralling experience. 

Likewise, do not forget to explore some of the best chicken rice in town, indulge in some drinks at a rooftop bar, hike at the extraordinary Faber Park, and finally, ascend to Marina Bay Sands for an unwinding session. Of course, the best way to elevate your solo tripping experience in the Financial Capital of Asia is by opting for a top-tier global card while travelling offering zero forex markup.  

  1. Japan – Solo travel is one of the best ways to experience the vibrant and unique cultural cauldron that Japan is. From Kanazawa to Kyoto, the country is home to multiple solo tripping hotspots, offering safety, a list of exciting activities, and astounding sights to see. Some of Japan's best places for solo journeyers include Osaka, Setu Inland Sea, Matsumoto, and more. Each destination offers a unique platter of taste to solo travelers, and everyone is sure to find something of their interest. From the Buddhist Temple and Shinto Shrines to the Osaka Museum of History, Japan is, indeed, a haven if you are looking for an extraordinary solo adventure in the near future. 

If you plan your solo trip, do not forget to pack your global card while travelling providing access to zero forex markup. With zero Forex markup charges on a global card while travelling, top-tier security features, exchange rate lock-in, and travel security policies, a Forex card is a sure-shot way to make you feel more secure, content, and stable in your next solo adventure.


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