With so many visitors flying to Dubai annually, it is one of the busiest tourist hotspots. Dubai is one of the seven Emirates and an ideal symbol of luxury, relaxation, fun, and leisure. In addition, it serves as a much-needed getaway for working adults working throughout the year. So, is travelling to Dubai a part of your 'globetrotter' checklist? If yes, what better time to visit the City of Gold than the upcoming New Year's Eve? Therefore, if Dubai is on your travel cards this winter season, here are five unmissable things you must do in the city.


 New Year's Eve is one of Dubai's most important and celebratory events and has recently become a cult favorite among tourists from around the globe. In less than a decade's time, Dubai has its name as one of the best destinations for the Christmas holidays, and the number of people travelling to Dubai in the December-January months reaches millions. Moreover, the cozy and optimal weather serves as a cherry on top.

  • Catch the Fireworks Show at Burj Khalifa – At the stroke of midnight, New Year celebrations erupt around the world's tallest skyscraper – the Burj Khalifa – and the scenes are awe-striking, to say the least. Every year, you can expect a unique and mind-blowing show that will surprise you in the best possible way. From fireworks and laser lights to light shows and LED panels, every facet of the magnanimous Burj Khalifa brims with luminosity so that people can have the experience of a lifetime when you are travelling to Dubai.

  • Book a Luxury Dinner Cruise on the Dubai Canal – For a tranquil and truly unique getaway for New Year's Eve as you are travelling to Dubai, you can book a luxury dinner cruise. To treat yourself to a night of celebration, you can opt for a dinner experience on a luxury dhow as opposed to the traditional ones and can indulge in festivities and food unlike anywhere else in the world. Apart from the conventional menus, you can also opt for a buffet, which is a part of the dinner scenes at Dubai cruises. Nothing is better than ending the year by eating to your heart's content!

  • Go on a Shopping Spree – Retail therapy is real! There is no harm in a once-in-a-year splurge, especially when it is done around New Year's Eve. You can visit the annual Dubai Shopping Festival, which usually commences in December and lasts for a month. As the name suggests, the festival is a shopper's paradise, with different brands and companies putting their best foot forward with discounts, daily car raffles, and lucky draws. So, if you are travelling to Dubai around December, then a stroll to the shopping festival is worth considering. If you want to elevate your travel experience in Dubai this New Year's Eve, apply for an International Debit Card at the earliest. With features such as exchange rate lock-in and zero Forex markup, the best Travel Cards will help you save money, which you can splurge on during the Dubai Shopping Festival.

So, there we have it, a crisp overview of the top three things that you should do in your winter holidays in Dubai.


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