Are you tired of working from home? Well, does ‘work-from-hotel’ sound interesting? The COVID-19 pandemic has wholly altered how professional spaces function. With hybrid working modes, remote work, and more time-space flexibility, novel trends have emerged. As more and more employees are being drawn towards an accommodative working schedule, the phenomenon of workcation is on the rise. You should remember some important things before traveling on a workcation. Are you planning to dabble into the ‘workcation bandwagon? If yes, then some of our tips might come in handy.


Workcation is the portmanteau for ‘work’ and ‘vacation.’ It is a type of holiday where people travel to a new destination and work from there for at least part of their stay. Unlike digital nomads, workations demand a certain luxury expected from a vacation. Simultaneously, it is equally important to accomplish something professional during the workcation. Studies show that more and more people are now inclined towards the workation trend. For instance, 24 percent of Europeans intended to take a workation trip during the summer of 2022. Such preferences can be observed in other nations, as well.


  1. Plan Out the Work

The success of a workation depends on the amount of preemptive planning you have done. It is best to schedule all your office and client work to a maximum of four to six hours per day. It is essential to keep reminding yourself that the whole point of the workation is not to keep working the whole time and enjoy ‘vacay’ activities, such as sightseeing, exploring new places, socializing, and of course, relaxing.


  1. Choose the Right Workation Destination

When finalizing your workation destination, make sure to have these checklists in mind –

  • The availability of good WiFi or internet connection

  • The safety of the destination

  • Ask yourself if the destination is inspiring enough

Good internet connectivity is mandatory for a seamless and hassle-free workation experience. In today’s digital age, every facet of professional and personal work depends upon the internet. Likewise, the safety of your destination is also pivotal. Concentrating on delivering top-tier work is tough when a part of your mind is distracted from looking for possible threats. Lastly, opt for a workation destination that is inspiring, peaceful, and invigorates both your mind and soul so that after the workation ends, you feel rejuvenated in the mundanity of your life.

  1. Stay Flexible

You should be accommodative with your schedule during the workation. It is essential to be happy in amending the trip as per the incumbent requirements. Unexpected adventures, changes in work schedule, last-minute business presentations, and eleventh-hour party plans should all be an integral part of your workation.

  1. Maintain the Work-Play Balance

Remember that during your workation, there is a time for work and play. It is easy to get distracted from your workload, which can cause further stress, resulting in a downward spiral of unproductivity and guilt. Thus, ensure you invest uninterrupted time blocks for your professional responsibilities. Remember that the reward is almost immediate, as you can move on to fun activities after completing your work.

So, there we have it, the top four tips for an excellent workation experience.

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