Which Cities Celebrate the Best New Year's Eve?

 New Year's Eve is knocking at our doors, and celebrations, togetherness, and jolly times are right around the corner. For many of us, New Year's Eve serves as the tiny window for a much-needed vacation after months of toil and drudgery. So, are you planning an upcoming trip and looking for the best place to celebrate New Year? If yes, then we have got you covered.

Top Three Cities with the Most Captivating New Year's Eve Celebrations

  • New York City

Any blog enlisting the best places to celebrate New Year's Eve is incomplete without the iconic New York City. Being home to the famous drop in Times Square, New Year's Eve celebrations of New York City are etched in gold in history and pop culture. The tradition began in 1907, and it continues to attract huge crowds. In addition, the vibrant and young environment of the city during New Year's Eve is unparalleled, to say the least.

You can book a reservation in one of the hip pubs or restaurants overlooking Times Square and enjoy local delicacies while waiting for the clock to strike 12. Moreover, the midnight boat rides on the Hudson River offer a mesmerizing glimpse of the fireworks near the Statue of Liberty Island. Thus, New York City is hands down, unrivaled regarding New Year's Eve celebrations.

  • Dubai

Dubai's opulence, excess, and glam make it an excellent city for New Year's Eve celebrations. The Dubai administration has made concerted efforts to ensure that the city is crowned as one of the top tourist hubs during New Year and Christmas. The Emirati City boasts the world's largest fireworks display around Burj Khali, and the Burj Al Arab, with accompanying light shows, will captivate even the dullest souls. For instance, in 014, Dubai joined the Guinness Book of Records for having the biggest fireworks display ever on New Year's Eve.

The pyrotechnics at the Burj Khalifa last for 12 minutes once the clock strikes midnight and are best viewed from one of the rooftop restaurants facing the tower. In addition, Black Palace Beach also offers a great vantage point for New Year's Eve fireworks show in Dubai. Furthermore, several world superstars, including renowned Bollywood celebrities, perform in Dubai at exclusive parties. So make sure you get a pass to one such happening party to enjoy the New Year's Eve of a lifetime.

  • Reykjavik

The third best place to celebrate New Year has to be the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik. Thousands of tourists throng the city during late December, desperate for the slice of the traditional Icelandic New Year's Eve. The celebrations in Reykjavik begin with community bonfires lit all around the city at 8 pm. Although there are no official fireworks, you can witness tidbits of crackers from 11.30 pm until midnight.

After the clock strikes 12, the locals of Reykjavik, along with tourists, head to clubs, public, and house parties and continue celebrating until the wee hours. In addition, the concerts and events held at the Reykjavik City Theatre, National Theatre of Iceland Harpa, and Nordic House also attract multitudes of visitors.

So, there we have it, the top three best places to celebrate New Year like there is no tomorrow!

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