Your Flight Been Cancelled? Here is How To Deal With It Via Your Card

 You may feel apprehensive about taking a flight after hearing horror tales about air travel all summer. What options do you have if your flight has been cancelled? Here's how to make the most of your smartphone as a travelling companion while keeping an eye out for the best and readying yourself for the worst.

  • Before doing anything else, make sure you check your apps.

Get the official apps for the airlines you'll be flying with if you haven't already. If you requested SMS or email alerts when you booked your journey, the airline's app would provide you with such alerts as well as other helpful features in the event that your travel plans change or your flight has been cancelled. 

It would be helpful to have a weather app that would provide the current conditions at each connecting airport. And having applications for hotel chains, car-rental agencies, or even train timetables already loaded might help you rapidly arrange a place to stay for the night or locate alternate ground transportation if bad weather or airline troubles cancel your trip.

  • Which card are you using?

A smart way to prepare yourself for when a cancelled flight is using the right card. With travel cards from companies like NIYO, you get several benefits including lounge access at airports and better refunds for cancelled flights. So, preparing yourself with a travel card that offers a few extra features can help you deal with a cancelled flight scenario in a much better way. 

  • Verify Your Flight Status

The majority of airline applications now allow you to check in and print your boarding pass from your mobile device up to 24 hours before your trip, and they also display your flight's status so you know whether it is on time, delayed, or cancelled. (Airline alerts also inform you of any status changes to your flight.)

When a flight is late or your flight has been cancelled, it is usually because the aircraft tasked with making the trip is running late from a previous mission. A “Where’s My Plane?” function is available on some of the more popular airline and tracker applications that will show you exactly where your plane is. You may quickly rebook your flight if you detect that your aircraft is going to arrive late and cause you to miss your connection.

  • Inquire at the Airport and use your Travel Card at airport shops for best deals

Worry not if your flight is delayed and you find yourself at a strange airport. You can find a variety of shops to enjoy shopping (better with a travel card), places to charge your phone, and more with the help of maps. Airport maps could already be included in your airline's app, or in a flight-tracking or travel app you're using.

While there are apps specifically designed to help you navigate airports, you may find that services you currently use, such as Google Maps or Apple Maps, also include terminal maps. 

In addition, if you are making a connection, you may want to see a map of the layover airport. If you want to make the next leg of your journey, you may have to run as fast as you can.

  • Analyze Your Choices 

If your flight has been cancelled, you may quickly rebook it on your mobile device. Changing your flight time is a breeze when you use an airline's app or website instead of calling customer care. (Please check your airline's website for details on how to rebook your flight.)

If the airline you booked with has no tickets available or your flight has been cancelled, you might try booking with another airline. If not, other flights will be shown on Google Flights or the booking site. However, if you cannot get to your location and the airline doesn't provide a coupon, it's time to start searching for hotels online or downloading alternate transportation applications. Cancellation of your flight may entitle you to a travel voucher or a refund.

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